How Much Does it Cost to Travel the World?

On the 17th July 2011, I set off for what I hoped would be a one-year trip around the world.

With a deep breath, I stepped on a plane with a one-way ticket in hand, hoping that everything would go smoothly. When I landed, I checked into my hostel, opened my laptop, and emailed my family to let them know I had safely arrived. Next, I opened a spreadsheet and made a note:

Airport taxi: €25

It was the start of what would become a long-standing habit of mine. No matter where I was in the world and no matter what I had on my plate, I tracked my expenses.

At first, it was through necessity.

All I wanted was to travel the world for as long as possible, so I needed to know how much I was spending in order to figure out how many more months I could afford.

And then, as my travel blog began to take off and I found myself with a reliable income stream, I tracked my expenses through desire. I felt as though I’d cracked the code and discovered how to travel the world affordably, without skipping out on all of those life-changing experiences.

And so, as I write this today, twelve years into this trip around the world, I’m excited to share with you just how much all of this travel has cost me. I’ve recorded every single cent, peso, and baht that I’ve spent over the past decade, and distilled that information into a series of blog posts.

Below, you’ll find over 70 detailed expense reports for different countries, broken down by continent, sharing exactly how much it costs to travel in each place. This information will help you to travel with knowledge and confidence, fully-informed about how much money you truly need to see this planet.