This time TWO months ago I was boarding a plane, absolutely terrified, seriously considering changing my mind, turning around and going back to the safety and security of my home.

I wondered if I was making a huge mistake. 

Today, I’ve just come back from spending the day sunbathing on a tropical beach in Southern Taiwan, thinking how incredibly lucky I am and how I’ve never felt happier.

The second month of my trip has been a million times better than the first month. During the first month I was still finding my feet and freaked out about everything. Although I was having lots of fun, I didn’t realise how much more fun I could have been having until the second month. I’ve now settled into a routine and feel much more comfortable travelling and have learnt to relax and enjoy the ride.

I spent the first half of this month finishing up the Europe part of my trip by visiting Hungary, Ukraine and Russia. It was at this point that I started having problems with the language barrier, and found it a lot tougher to travel through these countries. The highlight of this part of my trip was taking a tour of Chernobyl and the ghost town of Pripyat. It was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had, and I’ll be writing about this shortly.

tour of chernobyl

For the second half of the month, I got to visit the second continent of my trip – Asia. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a complete Asia obsession, and I was worried that maybe I’d built it up to be something amazing and that I’d be disappointed…

Fortunately, I wasn’t.

As soon as I landed in Taiwan I instantly fell in love with the country and subsequently ended up staying in Taipei for TWO weeks in total! I then made my way to the south of the island to Kaohsiung, where I am currently writing this from.

Kaohsiung statue temple

As I had a flight to catch from Moscow to Taipei on the 1st September, I spent my time in Europe rushing around and feeling like I couldn’t stay and chill in a place or I wouldn’t have made it to Russia on time. As soon as I landed in Taipei I had absolutely no fixed dates or anything booked so I’m now really enjoying being able to be lazy and having the opportunity to spend as long as I like in places without feeling like there is any real rush to move on.

So onto my statistics for the month!


Travel Statistics:

Distance travelled: 5840 miles

Countries Visited: 4

Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Taiwan

Cities Visited: 7

Lake Balaton, Budapest, Kiev, Moscow, Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung

Number of beds slept in: 8

Number of photos taken: 2188


Number of buses taken – 1

Number of trains taken – 5

Number of planes taken – 4

Money spent:

Hungary: £100 over 6 days = £17 a day

Ukraine: £240 over 5 days = £16 a day (Not including £160 for Chernobyl tour)

Russia: £60.27 over 2 days = £30 a day

Taiwan: £291.22 over 18 days = £16 a day

Miscellaneous: £420 for flights.

Total spent over the month = £1111.49

I’m not happy with the amount I spent this month, and the only reason for it being this high was due to the last minute plane tickets I bought. I freaked out about spending 24 hours on a train and went for the safe option and this bumped my costs up considerably.

Number of McDonalds eaten: 9


Number of things lost:

ANOTHER pair of shoes. That’s 3 pairs of shoes in total so far. Apart from that, nothing else! I’m getting good at this whole keeping-track-of-my-belongings thing!

Number of times I got lost: 17

Yes, really.


The next month:

I will be spending the next week moving up the east coast of Taiwan before heading to China. I have absolutely no idea how long I will stay there, but I have a double entry visa so I can go to Hong Kong half way through. The thought of China scares me, and I feel incredibly apprehensive about going, so I’ll either freak out and leave after a week or stay for a couple of months.


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