Lauren Vs. Food is my attempt at correcting my terrible eating habits and unwillingness to eat anything that looks strange or foreign by forcing myself to eat new and scary foods on my trip.


After having spent my first week in Croatia avoiding any kind of food that looked freaky or foreign, I met up with a friend, and I was finally forced to try something new…

Fried Calamari.


And so, of course, I decided to search online to see what calamari actually is, and was horrified to discover that I was going to be eating fried squids. Vaguely remembering what squids were, I then decided to search for pictures of them and became petrified that somehow one of their tentacles was going to end up stuck to my throat, causing me to choke to death. I’m sure it happens all the time.

I was definitely not excited about this experience.

But I’d agreed to do it, so I couldn’t back out now. We hunted down a restaurant which was entirely empty, so as not to scare anyone off with my shrieks of fear and horror.

I took a deep breath and ordered the calamari.

I gulped as they brought the plate to the table, and took a sharp intake of breath when I noticed the enormous, creepy tentacles wiggling around on the plate.

I don’t know what I expected, but I certainly wasn’t expecting them to look so…. Squidy…

After spending about 20 minutes freaking out and deciding I didn’t want to eat them anymore, I finally gave in and, well, here is the video evidence:

And so, as to whether I liked them or not, I was really unsure at this point. I discovered I did not like them if they were cold. Or if they had tentacles attached. I did manage to eat all of the non-tentacled ones without throwing up or crying, so I decided this was definitely a success.

Then, to my surprise, the very next evening I found myself ordering more fried calamari?!

I then carried on doing this for four consecutive nights.


So much so, that I even found myself gobbling up the ones WITH tentacles…

Mmmm… Tentacles…

And so, in the epic battle of Lauren Vs. Food, this time…

Lauren wins!



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