I’ve been searching for the perfect backpack for well over a month now – I’ve visited countless stores all across London and been unable to find “The One” and was beginning to give up hope! This weekend I was given a recommendation from a friend about an outdoor store near me with a good selection of backpacks so off I went!

I tried on lots and lots but none of them felt right, I don’t know – they felt uncomfortable and hurt my back.  That was until I tried the Osprey Exos 46l. As soon as I put it on it just felt right. It was SO comfortable and when I tried it on with weights in it was still perfectly manageable to carry. More importantly, it was an AWESOME colour and not ugly! I bought it for £120 which is similar to what I was expecting to pay and I get a full lifetime guarantee with it too. I’ve been looking at reviews online and literally have not been able to find one bad review on it, so I feel very pleased with my purchase.

I was originally hoping to buy a 40l, but I just couldn’t find any that I liked, and the 46l is small enough to keep me happy. I don’t expect to fill it completely when I leave, so I’ll still have some space in it for some souvenirs!

Once I got home I decided to try it out and carried out a “trial pack”, where I filled it up with my laptop, camera, lenses, clothes and lots of heavy books to make it weigh a lot. As soon as I put it on my back I was amazed at how lightweight it still felt. I have no upper body strength whatsoever and I’ve constantly had this vision in my head that I would put on my backpack and topple over backwards!

I’m very happy with it and can’t wait to start using it! For now, enjoy some pictures of me wearing it!

Just one more thing – I need to give it a name! Any suggestions? :)

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