Is it really 5 months until I no longer have a home?

The time is flying by at the moment, and it’s starting to hit me how soon I’ll be leaving. This is actually going to happen! It’s overwhelming at the moment but I’m starting to feel more prepared as I research. The past month has been very successful, and here’s what I’ve achieved:


I started to sell a lot of my stuff over the past month, through Amazon and eBay, and even though I’ve shifted a lot, it doesn’t seem to have made much difference. It feels like I have so much junk lying around. Next month, I’ll focus on smaller items, such as CDs and DVDs.


I’ve been researching travel vaccinations and after calling my doctor, I found they don’t provide vaccinations for long-term travel. I researched a few travel clinics in the London area and have decided to go with 1st Contact Travel Clinic. They seem to have the most affordable prices, and I have a consultation next week.

Decided on a route

For weeks I agonised between China and Japan, and eventually decided on visiting Japan. I’ll be finishing my trip in Southeast Asia, so if I have leftover money, it’ll be easier for me to visit China this way.

Extra hours at work

I only have six hours of lectures a week at college at the moment, and while I have a lot of work to do, I also have a lot of spare time, so I’ve picked up a few extra hours at work. I now earn three times more than I used to, and this extra income has made it look a lot more likely that I’ll reach my goal in time.

A vague graph of my savings. The dot on the right is my savings target, and the series on the left is my progress.


I did it. I bought a camera for my trip.

I decided on a Canon EOS 550D. I got it for a good price — only £500, almost half-price, which was too good for me to refuse! I now have plenty of time to get practising. I haven’t decided which lenses to take with me. It comes with an 18-55mm lens, and at the moment I am unsure whether to buy an 18-135mm, or a 55-250mm. I’ll be getting a 50mm f/1.8 lens after so many people recommended it to me.

After a lot of thinking, I’ve decided to take my Macbook Pro with me as my laptop of choice. I did originally intend to sell it and buy something smaller and lighter, but my Macbook is fast, it’s easy to use, reliable, has a great battery life, and I’m happy to take it along with me, even though it will add a bit more weight to my backpack.

The next month

Over the next month, I hope to be just as productive and have prepared the following list of things I would like to achieve:

Start researching backpacks and gear

I have yet to decide which size backpack I want to take with me, but I know I want it to be fairly small. The sooner I decide on my backpack, the sooner I can start thinking about what I want to take with me, and — more importantly — what I DON’T want to take with me!

Draft up a packing list

There’s a whole wealth of information online and hundreds of examples of packing lists for long-term travel. I need to start looking into things that I’ll need to buy to take with me. For example, will I really need a flashlight and a compass? I am certain I’ll end up regretting half the things I decide to take with me, so I really need to be strict with myself about what I do and don’t pack.


I want to look at more things to do in the specific countries I will be visiting. I’ll come up with a list of possible activities I can do in each country, and ideas about interesting things to see and do.

Research visas

I can buy some visas ahead of time, and I want to have my Russian visa before I leave, so I’ll start looking into that and come up with a list of countries where I’ll need visas, and whether I can get them on arrival, etc.

I’ll keep on selling lots of my possessions and trying to get closer and closer to my budget target! I have a busy month ahead of me and hopefully all will go to plan!

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