Full-time traveller. Freelance writer. Southeast Asia fanatic. Attractor of bad luck.

Conquerer of anxiety but still frightened of everything.


Hi. My name is Lauren.

In 2011, I decided to quit my job, sell everything I own and leave England for a one year trip around the world. I thought I was making a huge mistake. I’d never travelled alone before, and never for more than two weeks at a time. I had no life experience, zero common sense and had never eaten rice. I suffered from debilitating anxiety, I was battling an eating disorder and I had just had my heart broken.

What the hell was I thinking?

I was thinking about regrets, and how I didn’t want to have them.

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The Incidents

When I first created Never Ending Footsteps, I strongly believed that within a year it would be the ultimate online resource for budget travellers. Never Ending Footsteps was going to be the go-to site for fellow backpackers who were looking for a in-depth resource on how to be an expert traveller.

And then I actually started travelling.

After very nearly missing my first flight out of England, during my first month of travel I somehow managed to lose a toothbrush, a hairbrush, a pair of sunglasses, two pairs of shoes, a t-shirt, a bikini, a pair of tweezers and a travel adaptor.

After a year of travel, I’d lost four pairs of shoes, broken five Kindles and lost $500. I’d been scammed in China and Russia, I’d been attacked by a naked hostel owner in Ukraine and I’d received 38 mosquito bites in one night in South Korea. I’d had my bus abandon me at the Burmese border in Thailand, had a Thai dentist destroy two of my teeth and give me an opiate to help with the pain and I’d been “poked” during a massage in Bangkok. I’d had the brakes fail as I rode a scooter down a mountain in Northern Thailand, was almost caught in a tsunami in Phuket, was attacked by monkeys in Bali and ended up sitting next to a corpse in Laos.

So I’m never going to be a travel expert and Never Ending Footsteps will never be a sensible resource site. And that’s okay, because travel isn’t always rainbows and sunsets and waterfalls and meaningful experiences.

I want to show you that after two years of travel, I still screw up on a daily basis. I still feel like I have no idea what I’m doing and I’m still terrified to leave my comfort zone. I’ve had some horrible, stressful encounters on the road and yet I’m still here. I’m still travelling.

It’s still the best thing I’ve ever done.

Here are some of my biggest incidents.

Featured Country of the Month: Morocco

Morocco was a challenging country to travel through. Marrakech was large, crowded, noisy, polluted, chaotic and intense — the overly aggressive touts down every alleyway doing nothing to settle my nerves.

However, Morocco was also one of my favourite countries, and I eventually grew to love the mayhem. I enjoyed the chaos of Marrakech, the wonder of the Sahara Desert, the hippie vibe of Essaouira and the stunningly beautiful Chefchaouen.

Here are some of my favourite posts.