15 Travel Lowlights from 2015

Last week, I shared my travel highlights over the past 12 months, but I know what you’re really dying to read is my lowlights post!

Sharing the bad things that happen to me each year is one of my favourite things to do. I receive a lot of emails telling me I’m living the perfect life, but at times, it feels like I stumble from one near-death experience to the next. This life of travel isn’t always amazing, and I have far more unfortunate experiences on the road than any other backpacker I’ve met. I think it’s important to talk about them in order to give a more realistic view of travel than the beach and sunset photos. 2015, in particular, has been a tough one.

Here, then, are my worst moments from the past 12 months!

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 12.22.37

I Rediscovered Hayfever and Had My Eye Swell Shut

Let’s start with an attractive photo of me!

I used to struggle every year with hayfever, but when I left the UK, my allergies faded away. I almost managed to forget they existed for a while. Well, that is until I returned to Cornwall at the height of summer and spent two weeks sneezing my way through our road trip.

The worst attack had to be the day I went for a walk along the coast outside of Perranporth. After an hour of explorations, Dave and I came across an amazing patch of grass that was thick and cloud-like. I dove straight in and spent the next hour sunbathing in my soft little grass mattress. By the time we returned back to our apartment, I couldn’t see out of one eye and it had swollen to epic proportions. It took almost 24 hours for it to calm back down again.


I Got Bed Bugs in Estonia

I’ve been fortunate to have spent the past four years travelling full-time and not yet come up against bed bugs. Until Tallinn, that is.

At first, I thought it was mosquito bites. I awoke on my first morning in the city with a dozen itchy red bites all over my legs and thought I must have slept outside of the covers. No big deal.

On the second morning, I awoke with 132. They were big and red and itchy and clustered into groups of three. One quick google search told me all I needed to know: I had bed bugs. And so began a 48 hour quest to rid myself of them.

Did you know that to kill bedbugs you have to subject them to temperatures greater than 45 degrees Celsius, or lower than -20 for a minimum of 48 hours? I found myself lost in reports of people who accidentally brought bed bugs into their home after a trip abroad and ended up spending $15,000 to fumigate their entire house because nothing else will kill them all. I read about how, if the bugs can’t find a way into your bed at night, they’ll crawl up onto the ceiling and parachute down to feed. Bed bugs are the WORST and they’re so hard to get rid of.

I took the ferry to Helsinki on the morning of my discovery and spent my first day doing everything I could to make sure the bugs were well and truly gone. I had every item of clothing I owned washed and dried by my hotel. I soaked everything else in the bathroom sink, using the kettle to make sure the water was hot enough. I used the hairdryer to blast anything that I couldn’t get wet, including every page of the three books I was travelling with.

Oh, and the bites were so itchy (especially the one on the bottom of my foot!) that I could barely walk around Helsinki and saw so little of it.

Tallinn Views

Two Nights of Vomit in a Row

I awoke in Riga to the sound of a girl throwing up in the middle of the dorm. It was 2 a.m. and she had just returned from the hostel’s pub crawl. The sound. The smell. She refused to go to the bathroom and instead spent the next hour loudly retching in the bunk below mine. I didn’t sleep well that night.

I checked out the following day and took the bus to Tallinn. On my first night there, I awoke to the violent rattling of my bed as this enormous Russian man struggled to clamber into the top bunk. Three minutes later, I heard an almighty retch and that same splattering sound again.


I ran to the light switch. The man was covered in splatters of dark purple vomit and was staring at me in bewilderment. He blinked twice, and then he fell asleep in it. By the way, THIS WAS ALSO THE HOSTEL WITH THE BED BUGS.

Cornwall scenery

I Sliced the Top of My Finger Off

I still don’t know what happened.

It was in the middle of our Cornwall road trip, and I was rummaging in my backpack for something. As I rifled around inside, I felt an intensely sharp pain in the tip of finger, like how I imagine it would feel to have an electric shock. I whipped back my arm and was horrified to discover my entire hand was covered in blood. What had just happened?

I ran to the bathroom and grimaced as I washed my finger under the tap. Squinting through the crimson, I noticed that the top of my finger had been sliced clean off. That serves me right for leaving (I think) razor blades loose in the bottom of my pack.

Breakfast in Fitzroy

I Forgot to Apply for My Australian Visa. Again

It was twelve hours before my flight to Melbourne when Dave asked if I had remembered to apply for my visa.

Damn it.

That would be no. 

And maybe it would be excusable if I hadn’t done the exact same thing the last time I flew into Australia.

Cue 12 hours of panic as I attempted to get my visa in time. While friends told me it was instantly approved for them, my eVisitor visa still wasn’t in my inbox by the time we headed to the airport in Taipei. At the check-in desks, they told me I didn’t have a visa and wouldn’t be allowed on the plane. They said the eVisitor visa takes ten working days to be approved and I should apply for an ETA instead.

But on the Australian ETA website, it said that British passport holders weren’t entitled to apply for it online and I had to do so in person at a travel agent. Panicked and flustered, I checked-in for the first half of my flight — to Manila — and figured I’d work something out there. Or end up spending Christmas alone in the Philippines. When I landed at the airport, my visa still hadn’t been approved.

I crossed my fingers and found a dodgy sounding website called Easy ETA that promised to apply for it and approve the visa within 20 minutes. I paid the $60 fee and wondered if I’d just given my money away to scammers.

But, it worked! My visa was in my inbox in 18 minutes and I made my flight to Melbourne!


The Breakdown

I can’t write about my worst moments of the year without mentioning my breakdown. Writing and editing my book in just three months was a big mistake. My tight deadline had me powering through 18 hour work days with little sleep, unable to even justify showering or stepping outside. It was no wonder I emerged feeling broken.

At first, I struggled with small things, overwhelmed with social anxiety after spending three straight months inside. Then it progressed into full-blown panic attacks. From then, things got even worse. I cancelled on friends. I stopped replying to emails. I stopped going outside. I stopped eating. I had panic attacks over seeing other people, and when I did see them, I struggled to even think of something to say.

I struggled to leave my comfort zone. I struggled with everything. I cancelled my dream trip to the Seychelles, Mauritius, and the Maldives, losing thousands of dollars in the process because I was too anxious to get on the plane. I’m not sure I’ve had a single day this year where I haven’t cried.

The good news is: I’m slowly getting better, and it’s made me feel more normal to talk to author friends and discover they went through something similar and it took them well over a year to recover. I’m about half-way back to my non-anxious self.


I Had to Cancel My Scandinavia Trip

I knew exactly when I would need to hand in the final-final-final draft of How Not to Travel the World, so planned an action-packed solo travel adventure through Scandinavia as a celebratory treat. I booked myself into first-class carriages on trains, splashed out on private rooms, and then suddenly, I couldn’t go.

There had been a month-long delay in receiving some edits back from my publisher, and then I had taken just as long to go through them. I should have learned by that point that publishing a book never goes smoothly. Frustratingly, I had to start work on the final edit of my manuscript just as I was due to leave for Copenhagen.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to spend any time exploring when I had so much to do, so I cancelled everything, lost a lot of money, and flew home to work on my book instead.

Fiord trip, Norway

A Week of Rain in Norway

Norway looks like one of the prettiest countries in the world, but you wouldn’t know it from my photos: they’re all so grey and rainy. We visited Norway during one of its wettest summers ever and cursed ourselves for choosing to visit Bergen, the rainiest city in Europe. We even had hailstones! In June!

I try not to let the weather affect my opinion of a place, but it was tough in Norway. It rained every single day, we couldn’t do any of the hikes we’d planned, our fjord trip was all about the cold and clouds, and even our train ride — supposedly the prettiest in the world — was washed out and dull.

I can’t believe I left feeling so ambivalent about a country I was expecting to fall in love with.


The Crappy Airbnb Host in Cornwall

My parents generously treated me to a stay in a fancy hotel in St Ives this summer and, after Dave and I fell in love with the town, we decided to stay a little longer. We found a cute shepherd’s hut on Airbnb and booked ourselves in.

And then, the most annoying day.

We checked out of our hotel at 10 and had two hours to kill until we could check in to the hut. We waited it out in a restaurant, then drove to meet the owner.

Nobody was there. Everything was locked and there was no sign of life. It started to rain.

Dave and I sat in the car trying and failing to get hold of our host. When we finally got through to him, after half an hour of trying, he told us he’d forgotten we were moving in, was three hours away, and his cleaner was sick. He then told us to go explore St Ives and return three hours later. Despite having seen everything there was to see in the town and having zero desire to explore in the rain, we drove back and spent our time in a pub.

We returned an hour later than asked, met the owner, and he told us he hadn’t even started cleaning our hut yet, so why don’t we go for a walk in the fields for an hour until he’s done? We did as he suggested and trudged miserably through the countryside, drenched and frustrated. An hour later, we returned and he still hadn’t started. We spent the next hour waiting in the car.

And when we finally got inside? I tried to fill up a hot water bottle from the kettle and poured boiling water all over my hand instead. Fabulous.

Tallinn Old Town Square

I Was Far Too Ambitious in the Baltics

I always do it: when faced with the prospect of a fixed-length trip, I start panicking that I won’t be able to see enough and immediately plan an exhausting trip that goes to as many places as possible.

I originally planned to spend two weeks in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania, but when I had such bad and vomity luck in the first two countries, I fled to Finland instead.

While in Helsinki, I decided to fly to Stockholm to try and make up for cancelling my trip there earlier this year. After spending a couple of days there, I had three days left until I was due to fly out of Warsaw. I should have spent them all in Stockholm. Instead I flew to Vilnius, rushed around for two days, and took a bus to Warsaw, leaving having not seen much of, well, anywhere.

Hole in my backpack

Bangkok Airways Ripped a Hole in My Backpack

I landed at Trat Airport and pulled my backpack onto my shoulders. I began to walk away and stood on a nail polish bottle. That was weird. I bent over to take a closer look and realised it was my nail polish. As I picked it up, a bottle of sunscreen fell to my feet. That was really weird.

I reached around to see if one of my zips was undone and put my hand through the gaping hole in my pack. Somehow, someone had managed to tear a hole in the side of my bag and all of my belongings were currently clattering onto the ground beside me. Bangkok Airways were useless — they offered me $30 to buy a replacement pack[!] and tried to stick it back together with sellotape.

Fortunately, I always travel with Osprey backpacks, which come with a lifetime guarantee — they’ll replace or repair their packs for any reason at any time. I duct taped up the hole and when I got to Melbourne a few months later, got it repaired with just a few days’ turnaround.

Porto views

Battling Eating Issues in Porto

When I arrived in Porto, a month before my book was due to launch, my anxiety was through the roof. And one really cool side effect of having panic attacks multiple times a day? Not being able to eat.

I spent my week in Porto panicking over mealtimes instead of strolling happily around the city. Dinners involved me ordering the smallest dish on the menu, taking a couple of tiny mouthfuls, then handing it to Dave to finish. There were so many Portuguese dishes I wanted to try, but the thought of food turned my stomach until I couldn’t face even putting anything in my mouth.

Fortunately, these eating issues were short-lived and passed when I moved on to Madrid. Praise the jamon!

brixton elephant thali

I Left My Passport Behind in Brixton

Like applying for my Australian visa, this wasn’t the first time I’d done this. I’d just spent a wonderful month in Brixton and was back at my parents, packing my bags in preparation for my early morning flight the next day.

Just before going to sleep, I checked my phone and found a series of frantic messages from my Airbnb host. I’d left my passport behind in the apartment.

Man alive!

I’ll forever be grateful to my mum for getting in her car and taking two hours out of her evening to drive me to the apartment so I could collect it.

I Smashed a Hole in the Wall of My Airbnb Apartment in Granada

Our bedroom in Granada had these big wooden shutters over the windows that opened up on the inside of the room. One morning, I was crouched beneath one and forgot it was there. I stood up and watched in horror as it flew in a graceful arc across the room and into the wall.

“What was that?” Dave yelled from downstairs.

“Nothing,” I called back.

He ran upstairs and found me covered from head to toe in plaster with a gaping hole in the wall and the shutter resting beside my feet.

The good news? Nothing happens quickly in Spain — or at all! — and after explaining what had happened to our apartment owner and offering to pay to have the hole fixed, he did nothing. He never came to look at it and I wasn’t out of pocket. Score!


Dave Fell on My Head and Gave Me Concussion

Haha! Dave and I were half-way through our 5 km obstacle race when it happened. We were running across a giant inflatable section, which was covered things to climb over and around. I lost my footing as I scrambled over one of the obstacles and landed sprawled out on the ground. Unfortunately, Dave did exactly the same. He came flying over the top and landed elbow-first onto my head.

I screamed, dragged myself to my feet, and continued running. Except, I kind of really needed to vomit. And when I looked at the ground, it was spinning around and looking as though it was heading up to meet my face. I had to walk the final third of the course because I felt so terrible.

And that was the year! 2015 has been an odd one for me, but I’m ready to move on and I’m looking forward to making some positive changes that’ll hopefully lessen the bad luck next year.

What were your travel lowlights of 2015?

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  1. December 23, 2015

    Ah Lauren, I have to admit – I laughed hard at some of these. Although not the hayfever one – I know what it’s like!

    I always find that the lows make the highs even better somehow.

    Have a great Christmas :-)

    • December 23, 2015

      Haha, glad you enjoyed the post and I could make you laugh! Definitely agree about the lows making the highs mean that much more :-)

      Hope you have a great Christmas, too! :-)

  2. December 24, 2015

    Thanks for sharing these, whoa! I like to hear the stuff that goes on behind the scenes too, travel is not all glamour! I thought I had bed bugs this year too, but I was never quite sure. Yours looked bad, how long did it take to go away and is there anything we can really do to prevent these when we travel do you think?

    Wishing you the happiest of holidays!

    • December 24, 2015

      Exactly! When I first started travelling, I used to beat myself up over all of these things that were going wrong, because it didn’t seem like it happened to anyone else. I decided to write about the bad times as well as the good to show that you’re not a failure if things go wrong! So many people focus only on the positives.

      It took about five days for them to stop itching and a couple of weeks for the bites to go down completely. I was worried the ones on my face were going to scar!

      In terms of prevention, you can get an anti-bed bug spray (permethren, I think it’s called) and smother a silk sleeping liner in it. Dave did that when he walked the Camino this year and didn’t get bitten, and they’re pretty common there. For the most part, though, I think they’re so rare that it’s not worth going through all that hassle and sleeping inside a liner. Checking hostel/hotel reviews before you book will tell you if a place has had any recent problems.

  3. December 24, 2015

    Lauren, you always make me feel better about my own travel mishaps. I have a few myself (a lot lately) but you are still the queen :)

    • December 24, 2015

      Haha, thanks! You’ve gotta be good at something, hey? :-)

  4. December 24, 2015

    Wow, what a year of calamities! You’re right, bedbugs are the absolute worst; I was unfortunate enough to move into an infested apartment once in London and it was one of the most stressful things I’ve ever gone through. Lying awake knowing that bugs are waiting to feast on you is so traumatising. I hope 2016 is a calmer year for you, even though I do love reading about your disasters :)

    • February 18, 2016

      Oh, man, after reading so many horror stories online, I know how tough it is to get rid of an infestation in a home. Ugh, they’re awful!

  5. December 24, 2015

    Oh no, what a year you’ve had! Hopefully 2016 is a less eventful year in terms of lowlights!

    Haha I have to say that the first lowlight made me sit upright in my seat. I had two blissful hayfever-free years in Abu Dhabi, so when I read about your hayfever attack I suddenly realized that I HAVE HAYFEVER! The year before I left Scotland to move to Abu Dhabi I was sniffing and sneezing and rubbing my eyes for three months. Now that I’m back in the Netherlands I can’t wait to see what spring has in store for me ;)

    Happy holidays!!

  6. Kat
    December 24, 2015

    I’ve had bed bugs too, and honestly, there should be a global type of warning against these things. Every single hostel or hotel or just a place with a bed should come with the notice of; by the way, NEVER leave clothes or bags on the bed because that’s how bed bugs manage to travel & spread. (I didn’t mean for that to rhyme? haha)

    Oh! I’m from Norway! Walking Besseggen for example, with clear skies and a full thermos is incredible. So I hope you’re not feeling too ambivalent after that trip. Though I’ve always found the west to be… I don’t know… I prefer north of Oslo, like Lillehammer. It’s a cozy villagy-town with breweries and pubs and bars, quite charming. There’s the tiniest cafe called One Hand Clapping, tucked in an ancient wooden entryway (though now functioning fully as a cafe) and with one giant window claiming the entire wall with view of locals doing their shopping. Nikkers Restaurant is set by a little lake in the middle of the town, it’s a nice place for eggnog. Also, Lillehammer’s lake, Mjøsa, is stunning at summer. Especially at St. Johns Eve! Big bonfires by the water and deep valleys with incredible sunsets. I don’t think the train ride from Oslo to Lillehammer gets any credit normally, but it’s one of the most beautiful ones I’ve been on. So if you ever come back, try it out :) It’s about 2 hours from Oslo, though most tourists heads west or to the very north, so I don’t think it’s too common for people to visit. Which almost bugs me because I feel a country can have so much to show besides the obvious tourist attractions?

    Also, there’s a midsummer festival called Træna. It’s set straight at the line of the polar circle, and at night you can stroll to the edge of the rocky shore and see the sun hover low atop the ocean for then to ascend right back up again. The entire sky was intensely red when I was there, literally the colour red. You can still hear the bands if you go the shoreline. They play at different stages, none too big. Each year, an orchestra usually plays right in the open curve of a mountain which opens up to a glimpse of the sky. It’s beautiful at night, and the acoustic is great!

    My point: I hope you don’t knock Norway off due to that one trip! I’m not trying to promote my own country but truly, I think you’d love it – just perhaps under sunnier conditions next time :) Trust me, there is so much more to see!


  7. December 24, 2015

    Loved this post! Long time fan! I must get around to buying the book. I have thrown several xmas hints out there :)

    Guess it’s that old – shit happens… it certainly always feels worst when traveling.

    • December 24, 2015

      Thanks so much, Rebecca! Hope my book turns up for you tomorrow! ;-)

  8. Jason
    December 24, 2015

    This post had me laughing and cringing a lot. I think it was one of my favorites of yours.

    The lowlight of my year was my ex (and long-time travel partner) of six years giving up on our relationship shortly after I stopped traveling and moved to NYC where he had begun studying the year prior so that we could be together. It was crushing enough that I can’t even recall other lowlights from the year, but Adele and my fairly resilient spirit have gotten me through, and, since i still work remotely and have nothing binding me to New York, I’m gearing up to hit the road again in February!!

  9. December 24, 2015

    Ha – the passport and the visa are just so typical. I decided I wanted to keep on the safe side as I made my way from Nicaragua to Costa Rica and I would get copies of my passport. I realized I had left my passport in the copy machine minutes before boarding the bus across the border and had to sprint there to get it, to the amusement of half of Rivas who looked at me, laughing, as I ran like mad.

    I drove against traffic in Mexico, on the way from Cancun to Merida. It was dark, there were no signs that that was a motorway, and I was not meant to go to Merida so I just turned around, deciding that I’d better get back to the main road and ask directions AGAIN. Then I realized that all the signs were backwards. Good thing it was nighttime and there were zero cars around.

    On my way back from Mexico I was meant to fly through the US. Of course, I forgot I needed an ESTA just because I was going to spend 2 hours in US territory. I had not applied and they would not let me board the flight. I rushed to find a connection in Mexico City Airport (it ain’t that easy!) and when I did apply, I had the option to pay there and then, or do it once in the US. I opted for the second. Pity the check in personnel was determined that I could not fly. So I rushed all over again, got my visa (and paid) and got back down, only to find that meantime the check in desk had closed. I suppose they wanted some kind of bribe but I must have looked so dumb that eventually they let me on the flight.

    I managed to get the worst hostel of Central America in Suchitoto, El Salvador. My room was private. AND covered in mould. Everywhere. The shower only had cold water and was in the open (good thing it had a wall around). And my only roommate decided to rest his hand on the sink as he brushed his teeth, making it collapse. Water sprayed all around and we had to close all pipes. There was nobody to talk to (the owner did not live on the premises) so we could not even flush the toilet or use the shower. I left at 5 am the day after.

    I could add many more, but I suppose this suffices!

  10. December 24, 2015

    Hi Lauren,

    What a great read was this. Not that I enjoyed your misfortunes (well, it was kind of funny and very recognizable) but definitely the way you wrote about them! I had a vomit night once in a hostel in Ireland and oh gosh, it’s the worst!! Your story made me relive it…

    I wish you lots of fortunate stories and adventures in 2016 and thanks for sharing! Traveling sure isn’t all rainbows and roses!
    Merry Christmas!


  11. December 25, 2015

    Oh no! But I guess you always have to take the highlights with the lowlights- extra lowlights in your case though :-P

    Vomiting and bed bugs in your hostel- I think you should have named and shamed so I can make sure to avoid that one.

    And isn’t Osprey the best? I swear by their packs- the lifetime guarantee is absolutely brilliant!

  12. December 25, 2015

    Haha, that’s some real bad luck Lauren. Sorry to laugh about your misfortune, but it’s very funny to read. And though annoying, expensive and painful, nothing to serious happened to you.

    I wish you an incident free 2016 (but having read all your posts that might be an impossible wish to come true;-)!

    • December 27, 2015

      It’s unlikely (especially as I’ve already had another incident since writing this post!), but there hopefully won’t be as many next year! :-)

      • January 5, 2016

        Oh no!!! Nothing serious I hope… I’ll read about it in year 2016 post;-)

  13. December 26, 2015

    I hate to say it, but I’ve totally been looking forward to this list for the past week or so! But seriously, your life would make a great sitcom :P

    • December 27, 2015

      Haha, thanks, Alex! It definitely feels like I’m on a TV show at times. Especially as since writing about this, I managed to turn up to an airport and discovered I hadn’t actually booked the flight I thought I had!

  14. December 27, 2015

    Aw Lauren, you really had some extra low lowlights this year!
    Good thing is that you a) also had some spectacular highlights, and b) are able to turn your more horrible experiences into great posts…
    Wishing you better luck in 2016!!

    …though I have to admit, I enjoy your “walking disaster” stories a lot ?

    • December 27, 2015

      Absolutely! I can’t wait to write about some of the worse disasters of this year :-)

  15. Thank you for being so honest and recognizing that travel lowlights are a very real thing that people best to be prepared for! I love how real this post is. I’m sorry these things happened to you, but I’m so grateful you shared then with your readers!

    • December 29, 2015

      Thanks, Lisa! I always enjoy sharing the lows as well as the highs :-)

  16. December 27, 2015

    Lauren, This is one of my favourite travel pieces that I have read this year. So real and honest, thank you for sharing it.
    I think my travel lowlight was on the sleeper train from Bangkok to Laos this April with three kids when my daughter accidentally pulled the bed rail down on my 3 year olds head and there was blood everywhere and the train attendant brought me in 1 cotton ball with a nervous smile! all ended okay and made for a good travel story! Bron

    • December 29, 2015

      Thanks so much, Bron! :-) And yikes to your travel incident!

  17. December 30, 2015

    Thank you for sharing those. Not many bloggers allow themselves to show this side of their own experiences :) I hope you’ll be able to return to Porto and taste all the delicious dishes we have ;)

    • February 18, 2016

      I love sharing my lowlights of the year! :-D And I’m actually planning on living in Portugal next year :)

  18. December 30, 2015

    Hi Lauren! I have been following your blog for quite a while now and absolutely love it! It’s posts like this that show how much you really do love travel and proves that it’s not always as perfect as people think it might be but it doesn’t matter as it’s all a part of the experience!
    Eli xxx

    • February 18, 2016

      That’s so sweet of you to say! And true — travel has done so many wonderful things for me. Thanks so much, Eli!

  19. December 31, 2015

    What a year you’ve had. Thanks for showing not all of travel is glamorous. I think the bed bugs would be the worst. Thank goodness I’ve never gotten them!

  20. Neno
    January 1, 2016

    Wow. What a year.

    You are lucky to be alive :)


  21. January 2, 2016

    Well, it certainly sounds like you’ve had an eventful year.
    I’m amazed that you managed to get your Australian visa on time. Must have been so stressful to worry about.
    And eeek to the bedbugs.
    Also, I’m sad to hear you missed out on your Scandinavia trip – Copenhagen is wonderful.

  22. January 19, 2016

    Wow, I don’t know anyone that has the horrible luck you do. Or rather I don’t know anyone who writes so awesomely about their mishaps.

    My travel lowlight was losing my wallet in Auckland only 3 days after I got here. Fortunately people in New Zealand are honest and trustworthy. About 30 minutes after I lost the wallet I got a twitter message saying…

    “I found your wallet. To see your impressive number of credit cards again… Well just reply to me here or on Facebook :)”

    So after a short walk I was reunited with my wallet. I also learned the importance of storing most of my credit cards and not taking them with me wherever I go.

  23. Lindsay
    January 20, 2016

    This post is one part hilarious, one part OMG, and one part cringe worthy! So sorry to hear about the mishaps you encountered but WOW you’ve been all over this year!

    • January 29, 2016

      Hahaha, it’s okay — it’s been happening to me for years!

  24. February 2, 2016

    It is so refreshing to see someone write about the negatives, as I saw someone mention earlier – they just make the positives even better!

    I will be selling everything in a similar fashion to you in a few months and it is good to know that bad things do happen while traveling – it is all too easy to see everything through rose tinted glasses.

    Time to draw up a reminder plan as I am extremely forgetful with passports and visas too!

    Good luck for 2016.

    • February 3, 2016

      Absolutely! I’m probably the only travel blogger out there who writes more about the bad times than the good. Mostly because I have terrible experiences when I travel, haha.

  25. Mark
    February 2, 2016

    And I thought I had it bad. But slicing the top of a finger– Ouch!

    • February 3, 2016

      Man, that was painful! And then when I held it under the water? So painful!

  26. Paulo@Travel Bugs
    March 4, 2016

    The lowlight are sometimes the highlight too :-)

    • March 15, 2016

      Especially when I get to write a fun post about them! :-)

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