This is something I’ve wanted to offer for a long time. 

Quite simply, I love what I do. I whole-heartedly believe I have the best job in the world, making a passive income while I explore the planet, and with so much freedom that it still blows my mind. I’ve gained so much from running a travel blog.

Through Never Ending Footsteps, I’ve funded ten years of travel and gained a book deal for my memoir, along with a big New York City agent. I’ve been featured in large publications, like the Wall Street Journal, the Independent, Forbes, and the BBC. I’ve been interviewed on the radio in front of an audience of several million listeners, and I make six figures in entirely passive income, meaning the money comes in whether I’m working or not. 

And yet, before starting Never Ending Footsteps, I had zero writing experience, had no idea how to run a website, didn’t really know what a blog was, and had never heard of WordPress. I didn’t even own a camera. 

A life like mine is possible, even if you have no idea what you’re doing. It can all be learnt and I believe that anybody can be successful if they have access to the right information.

I have that information. 

And now, I want to start proving this all to be true. I want to start coaching a select few travel bloggers long-term to help them build a loyal audience, find financial independence, and travel the world on their terms. 

Why You Should Sign-Up

I’ve been in the travel blogging industry for the better part of a decade and thanks to a ton of experimentation, I know what works and what doesn’t. I know how to make a blog succeed. Here’s why you should entrust your travel blog to me: 

I know how to increase your income. 

Several years ago, I decided I’d had enough of breaking even. For five years, I had been making $2,000 a month — just enough to cover my travel expenses — and been thrilled about it. But I decided it was time to level up. 

Six months later, I had tripled my income to $6,000 a month. It continued to grow from there and I’d doubled it again a year later.

Don’t waste your time on techniques that’ll grow your income by a few dollars a month — I’ll show you what gets results and which techniques will earn you serious money. 

I’m an expert in income diversification. 

I’ve tried everything. I’ve landed a traditional book deal and I’ve self-published my book on Amazon. I’ve launched a course that has been taken by hundreds of people. I run a Patreon with 130+ supporters. I’ve worked with major tourism boards around the world. I’ve been a freelance writer for a dozen websites, and a freelance editor for a travel magazine. 

I know how to diversify your income streams and build a business that makes money. If you’re dazed and confused when thinking about the next steps for your travel blog, I’ll help you decide on the most lucrative option. 

SEO is my jam. 

If there’s a term I want to rank for on Google, I’ll find myself in first position within a matter of months. Don’t just take my word for it — I’ve ranked first for the lucrative term how to start a travel blog for years — the most competitive keyword in travel blogging. I’ll share all of my SEO secrets with you. I’ll show you how to perform keyword research, share the best link building techniques, and help you optimise your blog posts for conversions. 

I’m the queen of passive income. 

With the exception of my Patreon, all of my income sources are passive and that means the money rolls in whether I’m working or not. I believe this is the absolute best way to run a travel blog. Forget about press trips and sponsored stays — imagine if you could just afford to go wherever you wanted and write about whatever you’re passionate about? That’s what I’ll teach you how to do. I believe it’s important to build a business that doesn’t rely on anybody but yourself. 

I’ve made allllll the mistakes. 

So many mistakes.

I’ve taken freelancing jobs that paid far too little. I’ve spent months on posts that failed. I’ve suffered through Google algorithm updates that have wiped out my traffic. And I’ve wasted years on SEO techniques that ended up hurting my blog. 

I’ll steer you away from making the same mistakes and ensure you’re on the right track to building a business that won’t fall apart at the seams. 

What’s Included in This Mentorship. 

I’ll teach you everything you need to know to succeed.

First up, we’ll have a discussion about what your aims are to ensure we’re on the same page. I’ll ask you all about your intended audience, your current branding, how you’re currently driving traffic to your blog, and how much you’re making from it. We’ll discuss what you’re doing right and what you need to improve on. I’ll then perform a huge site audit in order to provide you with a complete blueprint of how to get from your current position to where I am. 

I’ll be analysing every aspect of your travel blog; looking at every one of your posts. We’ll discuss how you can target better keywords, go over what each blog post needs in order to convert, and find the right products for you to promote. We’ll identify your most valuable content and go through how you can drive traffic to it and build high-quality links — the right way. 

Each month will have a focus. It could be how you can increase your passive income. It might be the steps you need to take to build a product to release to your audience. It could be how to hone in on your voice in order to better connect with your audience. 

Throughout the month, we’ll email back and forth, and I’ll answer any questions you have.

At the end of each month, we’ll arrange a Skype call where you can ask me for clarification on anything you’re confused about and we can discuss your next steps.

The next month, we’ll do it all over again until I’ve taught you everything I know and you no longer need my help. 

Why Is This So Cheap?

I’ve drastically reduced my monthly price for my first few months of doing this. Why? Because I’m still figuring things out. This is a new venture for me, I don’t yet have any case studies or testimonials to share, and I want to be able to prove that I can help anyone build a successful travel blog before I start charging larger sums of money. 

If you sign up in May or June, my mentorship program will be priced at $250 a month for the duration of our partnership.

For July sign-ups, I’ll be increasing the cost to $500 a month.

And for September sign-ups, it’ll be $750 a month. 

I’ll never increase the cost of the mentorship once you’ve signed up, so you’ll have that original sign-up price locked in forever. 

In other words, May/June is the time to join :-)

How Can I Sign Up?

Just fill in the form below to let me know all about your site (or ask any questions about the mentorship) and after checking we’re a good fit, I’ll send you a link to pay. 

No need to overthink the details — just let me know why you started your travel blog, how it’s going so far, and what your goals are for it — whether it’s building a larger audience, increasing your income, connecting with your community, selling a product, or all of the above. 

I’m looking forward to chatting with you soon!