With only 3 days left until my departure for my round the world trip, I find myself thinking more and more about the people and things I will be leaving behind. I’ve found the past two weeks to be extremely hard as I’ve had to meet up and say goodbye to my friends one by one. There’s been lots of hugs and even more tears and I know I’m going to miss them SO much. I get more upset with each passing day when I think about having to say goodbye to my family, and it’s worse because I know just how upset they all are that I’m leaving.

So this got me onto thinking, apart from my friends and family, what else am I going to miss…?

Massively long baths.

Pretend this is a picture of me in a bath. With an umbrella.

I think I could live in the bath – as long as it was regularly topped up with hot water and I found some way to stop my skin shriveling up. Sometimes I will fill the bath with 99% hot water, and just a tiny bit of cold so that when I get out my skin is bright red from the neck down. I love my bath routine, it brings so much joy to my evenings. First of all, I drag a big, heavy chair into the bathroom with me. This is where I rest my laptop. I then load up one of my favourite TV shows and then sit in the bath for a good 40 minutes watching. Sometimes I’ve been known to stay in for 3 episodes. That’s 2 hours. Showers just cannot compete with my bath time.


I’m eating cheese on a bus.

My favourite food in the whole world!

The Lauren Special.

I wrote recently about my absolutely appalling experiences in eating decent foods. I practically live on junk food. One of my favourite things to eat is a frozen ready meal that I have nicknamed The Lauren Special. We sell it at the store where I used to work and after spending months glaring at it in disgust I decided to buy it and see what all the fuss was about. It was like heaven! I soon became addicted and started eating it more than twice a week… So what is The Lauren Special? Well, it consists of a tray filled to the brim with baked beans, small lumps of potatoes, sausages and lumps of cheese. These ingredients are then all smooshed up together and frozen. Simply microwave for 5 minutes and it’s good to eat! Yum.

Being Lazy.

Napping with a bush baby on my face.

Since I finished university, I found myself at home alone with nothing at all to do during the week. After such a stressful year, it’s been really nice to just sit and chill out, spend all day online and achieve absolutely nothing. I now seem to have acquired the habit of napping for 5 hours every day and I just can’t stop. I nap when I’m chatting to people on Skype, I nap when I’m in the middle of conversations with my family, I even nap on the train. I’m going to miss napping for 75% of the day.

Putting conkers in the corner of every room.

I do this every autumn without fail. Why? To ward away bugs and insects, obviously! I read somewhere that spiders don’t like the smell of conkers so if you keep a load in a room, they will not enter! I tried it and found that it actually did work! Now, I no longer have to deal with spiders hanging around in front of my face creeping me out. So every autumn I go out with a black sack, top it up with as many conkers I can find and then spend a good few hours putting conkers in every single corner of every room. I do get some strange questions when people come to visit, but it’s worth it to have a spider free home! Do you get conkers in Australia?

Hair Straighteners.

Untamed Lauren.

I have decided not to take hair straighteners on my trip and this is making me panic, so much so that I’ve even considered getting my hair chemically straightened for my trip. It is wild and uncontrollable, and at home I normally spend a couple of hours every day straightening it. Without straighteners I am likely to spend half of my trip sauntering around with a huge afro flying around in everyone’s faces. It’s definitely going to be interesting. Maybe I will learn to embrace my wild mane and decide to never use straighteners again. I doubt it though.


I’m sure once I leave I’ll realise I actually miss a lot of things I haven’t even considered yet. What things did you miss most from home whilst traveling?

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