I wrote previously that my fifth month was all about slowing down, relaxing, remaining in one place and getting lots of work done.

The sixth month of “travel” was about slowing down even more and doing absolutely nothing at all.


I spent nearly every day inside working, only leaving to get food and to meet up with friends.

I took five photos this month. 

Chiang Mai sunset from my apartment

Chiang Mai sunset from my apartment

During the past month I celebrated Christmas away from home, which was a bizarre experience.

I’m used to spending Christmas being wrapped up warm inside, eating heaps of food, having family arguments and watching TV all day.

This year, Dave and I rode our scooter over to a small restaurant to meet up with a load of travel bloggers and eat turkey and mashed potato that tasted like porridge while listening to Frosty the Snowman.

christmas in chiang mai

It was definitely different. 

After our Christmas lunch I Skyped my family back home and got to watch them open Christmas presents before falling asleep and napping for the rest of the day.

It’s a hard life.

We celebrated New Years Eve with a few drinks with friends at a Pink Floyd themed bar, before going up to the rooftop pool of our apartment block and watching  the lanterns and fireworks at midnight.

Other than those two celebrations the month has been really uneventful, just lots of work, food and friends. Next month promises to be a little more exciting though…

So, as usual, onto my statistics for the month!

Except… I spent the entire month in Chiang Mai, so instead of the usual round-up, here is what it will cost you to live in Chiang Mai for a month and do nothing except work and eat!

Rent: 4000 baht

Scooter Rental: 1250 baht

Food & Drink: 10,703 baht

Total = 15,953 baht = £326.

That’s it! I can’t believe just how little I spent this month!

The next month:

I’m leaving tomorrow for an epic scooter ride for a week – heading north towards the Burma border and then east towards the Laos border, before circling back around to Chiang Mai.

I’m planning on using this week to have a 7 day internet detox, which will definitely be interesting – I don’t think I’ve had more than a day away from the internet since I was 12 years old!

Upon returning, I’ll have just a few weeks left in Chiang Mai and then I’ll be heading to Bali to squeeze in some beach time! I’ll be sad to leave Chiang Mai, as it’s really started to feel like home, but I’ve been getting itchy feet so I’m looking forward to moving on to somewhere else.


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