Whenever a friend comes to visit London for the first time, the first place I take them to is Camden Town.

So many memories. In Camden Town I had my first proper date with my first real boyfriend. It’s the place that turned me into a hippie and a punk. It’s where I very nearly got dreadlocks and my eyebrows pierced, , and it’s where I’ve hung out with all my best friends.

Whatever your poison is you are likely to find it in Camden.

Up until 2005, it was completely legal to buy magic mushrooms from Camden due to a loophole that permitted the sale of fresh mushrooms. Even today there is huge evidence of drug culture with the majority of the shops selling paraphernalia, salvia, legal highs and more.And so this subsequently leads to Camden Town being one of the best places to people watch. The diversity of the people it attracts is amazing. I could spend hours sat outside having a drink and watching the crazy hippies and wander past wearing the most unique clothes, and sporting the most vibrant of hair colours.

It is the centre of alternative culture in London, attracting punks, goths, hippies and emos.

The majority of visitors to London have never even heard of this place, but it is without a doubt my favourite town in London.

I love it.

As you exit the tube station the first thing you see is the high street, which has the most eclectic range of shop front displays I’ve ever seen. The creativity and uniqueness exhibited down this one street is amazing.

Here are a few of my favourites…

Camden town shop front

Shop front of House of Leather

Camden town shop front

Giant converse shoe for a shoe shop

Camden town shop front

Dark Side clothing store.

Camden town shop front

Tattoo parlour.

Camden town shop front

An oriental restaurant.

Camden town shop front

Scorpion shoe shop.

Camden town shop front

Dark Angel clothing store

I love Camden Town and other similar places because they are just so quirky! What’s the most unique place you’ve ever visited?


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