After spending just under a month in Chiang Mai, I wasn’t quite ready to leave Thailand and so when my visa was due to expire I decided to spend a week in Singapore so that I could explore a new city while getting my 60 day Thai visa.

Sentosa Island is also known as Asia’s favourite playground and after seeing it consistently topping various lists of things to do in Singapore I knew that I would have to pay it a visit. 

Located just 15 minutes from the city centre, Sentosa is essentially an island resort which is home to theme parks, spa retreats, golden sandy beaches, golf courses, a marina and super fancy hotels. Spread over 500 hectares, Sentosa is the perfect way to spend a day in Singapore – there really is something for everyone. 

The best way to explore the island is with the Sentosa Day Play Pass, which gives you access to $200 worth of activities for only $64.

I started my day with a leisurely stroll on the Sentosa Boardwalk.

There are several ways to get to Sentosa Island. You can take a cable car, monorail or walk along the scenic Sentosa Boardwalk. I decided on the latter and was glad I did as I got to check out the tropical landscapes indigenous to Singapore while wandering alongside the waterfront.

sentosa boardwalk

sentosa island boardwalk

I started my day by facing my fear of heights at the Tiger Sky Tower.

As I gazed up at the dizzying heights of Tiger Sky Tower, I was instantly reminded of the summer of ’02 where I excitedly jumped onto a tower drop ride only for it to break down at the top, leaving me dangling 100 feet up in the air for an hour.

Unsurprisingly, since then I haven’t been particularly keen on any that involves towers or heights but I still wanted to get the most out of my day so I decided to conquer my fears and cautiously crept aboard.

The ride itself lasts around ten minutes and slowly rotates upwards to a height of 150 metres where it remains for five minutes. Despite my clammy hands and random squeaks of fear, I enjoyed getting the high vantage point of the island and found it useful for planning the rest of my activities for the day!

tiger sky tower sentosa island

views from tiger sky tower sentosa island

I then raced children down a luge.

As I joined the queue of hyperactive, screaming children I couldn’t help but feel a little out of place, being the oldest person in the queue by at least ten years. I was in a competitive mood though and was excited about the unfair advantage I would have over the kids. I hoped they had travel insurance. They were going to need it. 

I strapped on my helmet, grimaced in what I hoped was a terrifying manner at the two children I’d be racing and found myself plummeting down the hill at a surprisingly high speed. It was actually incredibly fun and I could have spent all day racing children and destroying their hopes and dreams.

sentosa island luge

sentosa island luge

I tried to catch butterflies at the Butterfly Park.

As I child I used to run around my back garden at home with a tiny fishing net, trying desperately to catch a butterfly. I wasn’t ever successful and so when I entered Butterfly Park and saw hundreds of Asian children with butterflies crawling all over their arms I was determined to do the same.

butterfly kingdom sentosa island

After twenty minutes of waving sugar cubes in the air and thrusting my arms into the flight paths of butterflies, I gave up and came to the conclusion that butterflies and Laurens just aren’t meant to be together.

butterfly kingdom sentosa island

After a quick lunch, I decided to visit the various different cinemas around the island and the Extreme Log Ride (a 4D simulator ride) was by far the best show out of the 3 and was AMAZING!

Unfortunately, by the time I had finished watching the shows, it was raining heavily and most attractions had closed so I decided to head back to my hostel.

However, there was still time for one more adventure…

I experienced a cable car ride in a thunderstorm

Why is it that I always end up in cable cars wherever I go? It first happened in Taiwan, followed a few months later by Hong Kong and now I somehow found myself in one in Singapore.

Although I freak out much less in cable cars, having to take one during a thunderstorm had all my irrational fears rushing back to me in an instant.

With thunder crashing around me, rain seeping in through the window and the wind blowing my car violently from side to side, I spent most of the ride whimpering softly to myself and praying that I wouldn’t blow off the cable.

Still, at least I got to see some awesome views of Singapore.  

cable car sentosa island

Despite the rain, my day at Sentosa was one of the highlights of my time in Singapore. I was upset that I wasn’t able to ride on a segway or try out the flying trapeze this time, but that gives me something to do the next time I find myself in Sentosa.

I managed to cram in $129 worth of activities in the few hours I spent there, proving that the the Play Pass is absolutely a worthwhile investment, as it saved me over half of what the attractions would usually cost.


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Day Play Pass from Sentosa Island in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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