Peace Park in Taipei is one of most relaxing places I’ve ever visited.

After surviving my first week in the unfamiliar chaos of Taipei I was desperately craving somewhere to escape and chill out for a few hours.

I accidentally stumbled across Peace Park – the oldest park in Taipei.

The purpose of Peace Park is to remember the massacre that took place in Taiwan in 1947, which resulted in the killing of tens of thousands of innocent Taiwanese people by their government. Today, the park houses a museum dedicated to the incident, as well as the national Taiwan Museum.

As I was wandering around the backstreets of Taipei (lost) I started coughing as the strong smell of burning incense invaded my throat. Having yet to visit any temples in Asia, I was intrigued as to why someone would be burning incense in the streets. I followed the smell and happened across the following scene.

This was the entrance to Peace Park.

colourful temple at taipei

I stood for a few minutes, taking in all the vibrant colours before turning and noticing the entrance to the park. Although the park looked to be small from the outside, I was about to realise just how big it really is.

entrance to peace park in taipei

I discovered the distinctive shapes of unfamiliar trees, and sat down to take it all in, spellbound by the beauty of my surroundings.

unusual trees at peace park taipei

The park helped to increase my love of Asian architecture, with the small temples and meeting points where teenagers would gather every weekend to sit and play cards.

Peace park in Taipei

temple in taipei at peace park

In amongst the typical asian structures and beautiful greenery, there stood the most bizarre looking metallic structures, which formed the memorial section of the park. It looked like something out of Star Wars and stood out in the centre of the park as the main attraction.

memorial at peace park in taipei

futuristic park in taipei

peace park in taiwan

My absolute favourite feature of the park had to be the amazing reflexology section. What an amazing idea! They have a large amount of stones set in concrete, and you are free to walk up and down the stone path or sit on the benches and work specific areas of your feet. They even had guidelines for what part of your feet correspond to which body part.

reflexology in peace park

reflexology pebbles at a park in taiwan

Peace Park ended up being one of my favourite places to hang out in Taipei and I’m so glad I accidentally discovered it. I would go there every morning to eat breakfast, and stroll through the park at the weekend to see students sat on the grass studying together and the adults practising martial arts in amongst the palm trees. What’s the best place that you’ve discovered accidentally?

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