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I Just Humiliated Myself in Front of an Indian Woman: I launched my Patreon, then immediately had an incident. This one was particularly embarrassing, involving a phone call and a major misunderstanding.

The Best Meals I’ve Had in India So Far: In a country of mind-blowing food, I was excited to share some of the best things I’d ever eaten.

Why Bundi is My Favourite Town in India: I loooooooved Bundi!

The Perils of Being Too Polite While Traveling: An aimless, annoying stroll through New Delhi that only happened because Dave and I were too polite.

That Time I Got Stuck in a Hole Filled With Hay: I still laugh at the texts I sent Dave as this monumental adventure unfolded.

So It Turns Out I’m Probably Going to Cheat on Dave: It’s written in the stars, I was told, and who am I to argue with that?

That Time I Wet Myself On the Streets of Nepal: Not clickbait, it genuinely happened! This long read covers the time I spent in Nepal in depth, which is something I’ve never written about on Never Ending Footsteps.

Happy New Year! (From My Hospital Bed): The full story of why I was hospitalised on New Year’s Day in New Zealand. This was the single most terrifying moment of my life and had me writing up a will from my hospital bed.

The Aftermath of My Hospitalisation: I thought surviving my stint in hospital would bring me nothing but joy, but I still found myself struggling.

Sharing My Travel Plans for 2020: Well…. this didn’t go well. Maybe 2022 will be the year I tackle these destinations?

A Diary of An Indian Train Ride: You have to ride the trains in India, and in this post, I share exactly what makes them so epic.

One of My New Favourite Places in New Zealand: I went for a hike in one of the prettiest landscapes in the country and came back with dozens of photos to share.

The Worst Vegan Coffee Ever: A mishap in a local cafe in India.

I Swear I Don’t Have Daddy Issues: Another incident! This one taking place in Melbourne Airport.

That Time I Caught Cholera in Borneo: A long read about one of the worst sicknesses I’ve ever had. Yes, I contracted cholera.

Did I Just Meet an Indian Psychic?: I don’t believe in psychics, but this dudes reading of me was spot on. Also, I burnt my hands due to my own stupidity.

Big Changes Are Coming: A glimpse at my life plans for the future, and how they involve splitting my time between two very special countries.

My Quest for the Perfect Stepwell: In which I travel across India, posing beside trash and scrambling down stairs in order to take my dream photo.

When It Rains, It Pours: I had the worst possible weather for this iconic road trip destination.

I’m Getting to Know Victoria Better: A road trip around the Australian state of Victoria introduced me to fun animals and epic viewpoints.

Choose Where I Travel To Next: I got my patrons to vote on which country I should visit next — the winner is going to be my first post-pandemic adventure!

I Tried to Take the Same Tour Four Times: In Jaipur, I tried to take the same tour four times and each one ended in tears.

That Time I Accidentally Killed a Woman With My Leg: An old school moment, from before my travel blogging days, in which I accidentally kill my neighbour with my leg.

The Things I Did Wrong on My Three-Month Trip: Everything I did wrong in India, New Zealand, and Australia!

The Things I Did Right on My Three-Month Trip: Everything I did right in India, New Zealand, and Australia!

What I’ve Been Doing While I’m in Isolation: In those early days of the pandemic, I was busying myself with crafts and experiments.

The Hottest Drive of My Life: One of those stories that just has to be read, because any description I give won’t be able to adequately explain just how ridiculous I am as a person.

Drunk Blogging: My Silliest Photos From India: After drowning my pandemic sorrows with a bottle of wine, I decided I wanted to share some of my funniest photos from India.

I Travelled the World With Chronic Hiccups: It sounds ridiculous and that’s because it was. And embarrassing. And frustrating.

Bad Taxidermy Makes Me Happy: A funny photo essay about the horrifying taxidermy I stumbled across in Portugal.

Carried Away in the Congo: The first instalment of a three-part series about the untold stories from my time in the Congo. This one was about a local who unexpectedly picked me up and carried me into a lake.

The Calm Before One of My Scariest Moments: I spent a full day hanging out on an island in the D.R.C. that was deadlier than it looked.

Abandoned and Afraid in the D.R.C.: Easily one of the most terrifying things to happen to me. I ended up stranded in one of the most dangerous countries in the world, without my passport or seemingly any way of getting out of the situation.

Behind the Blogging Scenes: Everything That Goes Into Writing a Blog Post: This super-long behind-the-scenes post shares absolutely everything that goes into writing one of my blog posts, from planning to writing to editing to SEO to competition analysis to… well, there’s a hell of a lot that goes into a single article!

A Pickup Artist in Every Port: During my first few months of travel, I had a strange tendency to attract pickup artists. I only hooked up with one of them.

The Moment That Changed Everything: A coming of age story that was quite different to my regular stuff. It’s all about finding my independence, discovering why I wasn’t enjoying travel, skinny dipping, and peeing beneath a palm tree.

I Thought Batman Was Dave’s Dad: I well and truly embarrassed myself while participating in the Dean family quiz night. 

Why I’ll Never Make It as an Influencer: The response to this post absolutely blew me away! I’ve never had so many likes and comments on a Patreon post before. It’s all about how I’m the absolute worst at trying to be an influencer.

Why I Have a Lifetime Supply of Tea I Don’t Like: Not even clickbait. 

The Stories Behind Some of My Favourite Souvenirs: Why do I own an enormous guinea fowl that’s the size of my torso? What made me buy a giant antelope horn that wouldn’t fit in my backpack? Why do I feel drawn to oversized souvenirs?

Vietnam Changed Everything: A write-up of my 10-day motorbike trip around the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. I’d never written about this incredible experience on Never Ending Footsteps before, despite it being one of my most formative adventures.

What’s Coming Up Next on Patreon: An announcement post, sharing that I was about to start publishing a day-by-day account of what it’s like to walk across Spain.

Day Zero: Tomorrow, I Walk: Arriving in Spain and wondering just what I had let myself in for.

Day One: Lost Before I’d Even Started: I took my first steps and wondered what all of the fear had been about.

Day Two: Let the Snoring Commence: A sleepless night resulted in a sleep-deprived walk, and I was going to need to get used to that.

Day Three: And Then the Rains Came: Because of course they did.

Day Four: Friendless and Feeble: Everybody talks about their Camino family, but so far, I hadn’t met anybody.

Day Five: No Room at the Inn: One of the hardest days on the Camino Primitivo and it all ended in disaster.

Day Six: Things Can Only Go Up From Here: A long period of descent has my foot deflating mid-stride.

Day Seven: The Lowest Point of My Walk: A solo day of walking that had me thinking about how much I hated the Camino.

Day Eight: Birthdays and Bed Races: Dave celebrates his birthday and my gift to him was more of a gift to me.

Day Nine: Is This the End of My Walk?: An unexpected injury means that I have to contemplate dropping out and giving up on my Camino dreams.

Day 10: Finally, a Camino Family: Suddenly, I’m embraced a group of wonderful people.

Day 11: Pulpo and Pain: Not even the grilled octopus could make me feel better, although it did a pretty good job.

Day 12: Where Have Our Hiking Poles Gone?: Because there had to be an incident on our penultimate day.

Day 13: The End?: This blog post made Dave cry! It was an emotional look at what long-distance walking had meant to me.

Leaving Bristol?: In which I share that I’m planning on moving to New Zealand.

I Launched a Second Business. It Did Not Go Well: I attempted to turn my love of houseplants into a business and, as always, it did not go smoothly.

My Visa Was Approved: I’m heading to New Zealand!

Earthquakes and Hangovers: A fun story from my first trip to Taiwan, when I experienced my first earthquake. I promptly did exactly what you are not supposed to do in this situation.

Well, That Was Unexpected: I’m maybe… not… heading to New Zealand?

I’m Through: Oh no, I’m definitely heading to New Zealand!

My First Impressions of Managed Isolation: I loved my time in managed isolation and was so excited to share my first thoughts!

The Real Reason Why I Don’t Take Press Trips: This was my big essay of the month. I’ve wanted to write this monster of a story (7,000 words!) for years, but knew I could never share it publicly. It’s about how I traded $10,000 for two years of work, the loss of a friendship, a nervous breakdown, and the worst road trip ever.

How it Feels to Have the World Turn Normal: This was a personal, vulnerable update about how it felt to leave managed isolation and re-enter the world again. Spoiler alert: Dave and I end up crying in the middle of a crowded restaurant.

Adventures in Learning Maori: I couldn’t not share my ridiculous attempt at pronouncing a word in Māori. I have a long, long way to go until I can easily pronounce New Zealand place names on the fly.

In My Underwear at New Zealand’s Hottest Attraction: Yes, there’s photos. This was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life.

Swept Away By the Pinnacles: My first incident of the trip! It took place on my hike to the Pinnacles and involved me belly-flopping on to a slimy rock.

Merry Christmas! I Love You: A Christmas update from Hanmer Springs, including photos of Dave’s family trying to chase a bird out of their house with a hiking pole. Plus A Very Awkward Christmas Present.

On Day Six, Home?: I’m in New Zealand to try to hunt down the perfect place for me to live. I think I may have already found it.

Karma’s Gonna Get Ya: In which I screw over a guesthouse owner in New Zealand and end up paying the price.

An Island on a Lake on an Island on a Lake on a…: One of my favourite travel experiences of the past month.

Yet Another Near-Miss: In which I almost lose out on residency in New Zealand.

What Not to Do Mid-Sex Scene: Possibly one of the most awkwardly hilarious things I’ve ever experienced.

Pour Decisions at the Marlborough Wineries: I wholeheartedly believe this was the dumbest thing I’ve done in a very long time

Wonders and Woes in New Zealand’s Wettest Region: My long-form essay of the month was all about my adventures in Fiordland!

The Day My Leg Turned Orange: Yet another incident, where I started to develop enormous dark orange patches across my legs.

When Everything Fell Apart: What happens when you rock up to Stewart Island and discover the entire island is infested in bed bugs, from the hiking huts to the hostel to the hotels to the Airbnb apartments? Mostly, you begin to fret.

The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn: Do you want to know what makes for a good night’s sleep? I can tell you what doesn’t, and that’s sleeping on a beach in a collapsed tent with a hole above your head while a thunderstorm rages on above you.

The Longest Day: The worst day from my trip to New Zealand, by far. It’s been a while since I burst into tears from pain, but I had no other option after my experience on the Rakiura Track.

Well, Shit: I receive some seriously bad news that means my future in New Zealand is now in jeopardy.

The Next Chapter: Of course my patrons knew I was leaving New Zealand ahead of time! In this post, I shared the four countries I was weighing up travelling to, then asked for opinions on where I should choose.

And the Decision Is…: I gave the reasoning behind my decision to head to Australia and went through some of my travel plans for the next few months.

Bubbles for the Bubble: I was surprised by just how many people messaged me to say this post made them cry! In reality, I cried about six times while writing it.

A Ridiculous Amount of News and Updates: More news? More updates? You bet!