I started my travels in Eastern Europe and one of the many highlights was the time I spent in Croatia. I was there for three weeks in total and slowly worked my way from the south to the north, visiting ten cities, two islands and one national park.

Of all the places I visited, the most bizarre had to be the island of Pag.

I was sat in my favourite bar in Zadar, researching future locations, wondering where to go next.

Pag is one of the most unusual Adriatic islands. Parts of it are extremely rocky and devoid of vegetation, and look like the Moon. Other parts are reminiscent of Spaghetti Westerns, with desert-like scenery and the odd spiky cactus.


How could I not go somewhere with Moon-like landscapes? And spaghetti westerns? I have no idea what they are but I know I love spaghetti!

Pag sounded awesome.

I could barely contain my excitement on the way there. I had a vision in my head of the bus screeching to a halt in the middle of a grey, barren landscape. Of me quietly pulling on my moonboots, lowering the visor of my space helmet and leaping out of the doors into the great unknown. I would drift gracefully to the floor, grinning as a large cloud of lunar dust and rocks engulfed my body.

Imagine my disappointment when we arrived in Pag Town and I saw the following.

pag marina croatia

Not quite the Moon-like landscape I had been expecting.

Not yet discouraged, I dropped my bags off at the hostel and set out to explore Pag Town. It didn’t take long for me to find what I was looking for.

pag western scenery croatia


… Sort of.

pag moonlike mountains croatia

houses mountains pag croatia

pag moon mountains sea

The beaches, however, weren’t quite as barren and lifeless as the mountains.

pag moon landscape

pag crowded beach


pag fairground

Despite the crowded beach and the less than moony scenery, I still enjoyed my time in Pag. 

I tried Pag cheese, which is a strong and strange tasting cheese made from the milk of Pag sheep – it was insanely expensive and a large block of it sets you back €50! More exciting than the cheese was the fact that the entire town was a giant wifi hotspot. I was able to spend most of my days away from the beach, relaxing on a park bench and getting some writing done.

It was bliss and I hope to return sometime next year.


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