Whilst staying in Dubrovnik I decided to take a day tour into Bosnia & Herzegovina with a couple of friends from my hostel.

Bosnia was never a place I felt a strong desire to visit and I knew absolutely nothing about it – apart from the fact they usually have terrible entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.

We left Dubrovnik early and got to see some of the Croatian countryside including the famous wall of Croatia, which I was amazed to find out is the second largest wall after the Great Wall of China.

Croatian countryside and wall

On the three hour drive to Bosnia we stopped off at various points along the way so we could try some local produce, including oysters and organic fruits, juices and jams.

Having our freshly caught oysters prepared for us

Organic fruit stand

Organic jams and oils

We were taken to Kravice waterfalls, which are an hour or so into Bosnia, where we spent most of the day.

Kravice waterfalls stretch over 120m across in the shape of a semi-circle and the water crashes down from a height of 25m. It is one of the largest collection of waterfalls that can be found in Herzegovina.

As well as waterfalls, there are natural pools and jacuzzis formed into the rocks and you were able to climb and jump wherever you wanted. Not the most safest of places I’ve ever been to.

Our tour guide was very excited and insisted that all of us climb extremely dangerous looking rocks so that he could organise us all into elaborate poses and positions. Even the girl with the dislocated shoulder wasn’t exempt from the climbing!

Kravice waterfalls

After getting us to scramble over the algae covered rocks, our guide instructed us to swim across to the other side of the park, and one by one we were told to sit on a rock with a huge waterfall pouring down on our heads. After he’d taken a few photos of us sat on the rock, he then instructed us to lean backwards so that we could have a “natural back massage”.

We were a tour group of all girls, and unsurprisingly most of our bikini tops were pulled down by the force of the water, much to the amusement of our guide.

I’m still waiting for him to email us the photos he took….

After getting a few beers, we moved onto a famous restaurant in Bosnia. There was a lamb being spit roasted outside that smelt amazing. When we got inside our guide informed us that it was famous because it was one of the few places where you could eat lamb’s cheese… As soon as the waiter put down the plate of cheese on the table, I could tell from the overpowering smell that this was not going to be pleasant.

It was STRONG. The lamb, however, was one of the best meals I’ve had on my trip so far.

Spit roasted lamb

After lunch we drove on to our final destination – Mostar, one of the largest cities in the Herzegovina region.


We were visiting the old town part of Mostar, which has a large bazaar selling traditional Bosnian items. Most of the items were copper plates, cups and coffee pots, but they also had some cushions and hand made clothes. There were also some extremely bizarre items and I have no idea what they were.

Items for sale at the bazaar

Bosnian… thing?

We stopped off for some refreshments at a Bosnian coffee shop. The coffee was VERY strong, and was presented in a traditional Bosnian coffee pot. The coffee was accompanied with sweets similar to turkish delight.

The correct way to drink the coffee is to hold the sweet in one hand, and the cup in the other. You then take a lick of the sweet, followed by a mouthful of the coffee, and repeat this until you’ve drunk it all.

Bosnian coffee

The guy that ran the Bosnian coffee shop doubles up as well as a bridge jumper. Naturally.

While we were sitting there he handed us a book full of photographs of him jumping from bridges, and told us that if we paid him 10 euros each then he would jump off the 30 foot bridge outside his coffee shop for us.

Not wanting to pay that much ourselves we declined his offer and watched him go outside, chanting and trying to get money from the crowd of tourists. Ten minutes later he had collected enough, and we had the best view of his jump from his coffee house.

Bridge jumping

Bosnia was a lot more beautiful than I had expected it to be and even though I only spent a few hours there, it is one of my favourite places I’ve been to so far.

Saying goodbye to Mostar

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