Brac was the first island I visited in Croatia and it was a great one to start with. Beautiful clear waters, white limestone (the limestone from Brac was used to build The White House in Washington DC) and the famous triangle-shaped beach in Bol.

While most people head to Hvar when they fancy a bit of island hopping in Croatia, I decided to go to Brac instead as it’s a lot cheaper, much less crowded and has far better beaches.

I spent the majority of my time on the beaches in Bol. This was my first time on the coast of Croatia, so I was amazed at how crystal clear the Adriatic Sea is.

brac croatia clear waters

 Bol’s main attraction is the Zlatni rat beach, which stretches half a kilometre into the Adriatic Sea and is one of the best places to sunbathe on the island.

Despite looking crowded from above, there was always plenty of space once you got onto the beach.

brac beach pinhole photo croatia

brac beach

brac beach

clear water brac beach croatia

Aside from the beach, the other thing Brac is famous for is its windsurfing! Most days on the ocean looked like this: dozens of brightly coloured windsurfers gliding across the water.

windsurfing in brac croatia

I only spent two days in Brac but I could have easily spent a lot longer – there’s not too much sightseeing to do but the chilled out atmosphere was addictive and had me thinking I could definitely live here for a few months one summer.

Brac is just a twenty minute ferry ride from Split and it’s definitely worth making the effort to go if you’re in Croatia – if only to get that postcard style shot of the beach stretching out into the ocean!

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