After a whirlwind few months full of movement, travel and very little relaxation, this month I finally found time to stop.

…And you probably won’t be surprised to hear that I stopped in Chiang Mai, somewhere I’ve lived three times in the last three years — I just can’t seem to keep away!

It was never in my plans to go to Chiang Mai, my original plan was to spend this month travelling through Malaysia and Myanmar. However, after a two week scooter trip in the Mekong Delta followed by a week long road trip in Australia followed by a two month road trip in New Zealand, I was just about ready to keel over and sleep for a week. I desperately wanted to explore both Malaysia and Myanmar but sadly, my heart just wasn’t in it. I was exhausted, I was incredibly behind with work (something which wouldn’t be helped by the lack of internet in Myanmar!) and I was ready to have a home again.

So what better place to do so than in Chiang Mai?! The city was familiar, I had dozens of favourite restaurants, I had lots of travel blogging friends currently living there.

It was definitely the right thing to do.

Keep enjoy and drink wine

Nailed it!

I’ve long wondered what Southeast Asia would be like in the rainy season. I’ve always chosen to leave just as the rains started to arrive, thinking that it’d be too humid, too wet and that I wouldn’t be able to leave my room for weeks.

Fortunately, I discovered this month that being in Chiang Mai during the start of the wet season can be a lot of fun! The afternoon thunderstorms are incredibly dramatic yet short-lived, often turning the streets into rivers after just five minutes of torrential downpour. I could definitely see myself living in Southeast Asia at any time of the year now, so I pretty much have no reason to ever leave!

Flooded streets in Chiang Mai

Despite spending most of the month eating and napping, I still found time for a little bit of travel when Dave and I drove up to the mountain town of Chiang Dao for a romantic getaway.

And, well, it would have been romantic had Dave not caught food poisoning two hours after we arrived… 

View at Chiang Dao nest


Onto the statistics for the month!

Distance travelled: 140km

Countries visited: 1


Cities visited: 2

Chiang Mai, Chiang Dao

Money spent:

Thailand: £614.00 over 30 days = £20.47 per day = $30.86 per day.

Miscellaneous: £407.12 for flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Los Angeles.

Total for the month: £1021 = $1539


The next month:

After falling in love with barely moving in Chiang Mai, there’s going to be much more of the same for the next month, except I’ll be living in Ho Chi Minh City! I adored Vietnam when I first visited last year so I’m ridiculously excited about getting to know the country even better over the next month. I’ll be based in Saigon for most of the month but I’ll also be heading up to Hoi An for a few days to celebrate my birthday (yay!).

At the end of the month, I’ll be preparing myself for a big dose of culture shock as I leave Southeast Asia and head to Los Angeles to begin a few months of travelling around the United States. I can’t wait to start ordering from the children’s menu again!


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