Going to Pai was a complete spur of the moment decision – having settled down in Chiang Mai for a few weeks to work I was feeling increasingly restless and was desperate to travel again.

Within days of deciding we needed a break from sitting in our room writing all day everyday, Dave and I piled onto our rented scooter and had an extremely fun but excruciatingly slow ride uphill through the winding mountain roads to Pai.

I have to admit that I didn’t know much about Pai when we arrived. Before leaving I had read several posts on other travel blogs saying how much they disliked the town so I didn’t have particularly high expectations for our few days there.

Fortunately, we made the excellent decision to stay outside of the main backpacker area where it was much quieter and we woke up every morning to views like this! Yes, it’s true — I was falling in love with Pai.

fields of pai

After a restless first night where it sounded like tigers were prowling on the straw roof of our bungalow all night, we decided to jump on the scooter and spend the day driving through the surrounding countryside.

Aside from having the some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen, Pai had the added bonus of being an excellent place to pose for photos!

With quirky and fun installations lining many of the roadside cafes, I found myself yelling at Dave to stop every 5 minutes so that I could run over and pose with something bizarre.

It all began with the Welcome to Pai sign.

My Kiwi boyfriend was highly impressed and broke into applause at my confidence when mounting a wandering sheep. “You’ve done that before”, he grinned in excitement.

welcome to pai sign

After I forced him to take around 200 photos of me in various different positions we hopped back on the scooter and rode for approximately fifty metres before I shouted at Dave to stop once more.

I had just found the Coffee In Love cafe and its gardens were full of interesting things to take photos of. There was the red phone box, the Coffee in Love bench and a cute signpost.

red phone box in pai

coffee in love bench paipai signpost memory in love

Driving on, we soon discovered a pink-themed cafe with a giant cow outside and a whole host of pink items in the garden.

pai coffee shop sign

Dave even got to be all manly and ride in the pink jeep. 

pink jeep coffee shop pai

Stopping off for lunch, we stumbled across yet more bizarre statues – if only I could read Thai to know what the speech bubbles say. Anyone?

coffee in love statue pai

coffee in love statues pai
Running short on petrol, we thankfully managed to find a caravan, petrol pump and a lone sheep to keep us on the road.

coffee in love sheep pai

…And to top off a perfect day of driving Dave crazy I made him stop one final time to take a photo of me with an upside down house!

upside down house pai

Just like the time I dressed up as a terracotta warrior, I had such a fun and memorable day racing around Pai trying to find more peculiar items to have my photo taken with.

Pai surprised me – once you get away from the main street, the scenery is absolutely gorgeous. If you ever find yourself in the north of Thailand, it’s well worth taking a weekend trip to Pai.


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