Have I really been travelling for a quarter of a year already?!

I celebrated the occasion by taking a Korean cooking class here in Seoul, where I learned how to cook kimchi and bulgogi. Who would have thought that I’d ever be doing that after my first ever Lauren Vs. Food post?!

korean cooking

My third month of travel has had its ups and down and has been tough on me both mentally and physically.

The first half of the month was spent in Taiwan. I started in Kaohsiung on the south of the island where I spent my days relaxing on the pretty beaches and hunting for strange looking temples. I then travelled by train along the beautiful east coast where I got to experience some spectacular scenery.

taroko gorge taiwan

At least for this trip, my stay in Taiwan was over and it was time to move on to China. I fell in love with Taiwan and one day I hope to return and live there for a while.

Despite having an extremely challenging time there, I’m so glad I got to experience the insanity of China and getting to visit the Great Wall is one of the major highlights of my trip so far.

However, after just two weeks there I was dying.

the great wall of china

I felt exhausted and drained.

I was fed up with having people staring at me and taking my photo wherever I went. I hated the spitting, the smells, the dirtiness and the food. I was scammed, shouted at and pushed around everywhere I went. I’ve never been so sick before in my life. When it got to the point where I realised that was spending every single day sitting inside hostels and not bothering to go outside at all, I knew it was time for me to leave.

I spoke to one of my good friends I made in Taiwan, and found out that she had been feeling exactly the same as me and was currently relaxing in Seoul. After finding out that it was full of bars and cafes with free wifi I was sold. I booked my flights as a complete spur of the moment and two days later I left China.

It was just what I needed.

Seoul is the perfect place for me to be right now. I’ve spent the past week sitting in small cafes, working on my site and meeting up with friends for coffee. Once I took away the element of proper travelling and feeling like I had hundreds of things to see and do in such a short amount of time then I felt a hundred times better, and I’m enjoying being incredibly lazy.

dog cafe in seoul

So onto my statistics for the month!


Distance travelled: 4737km.

Countries visited: 3

Taiwan, China, South Korea.

Cities Visited: 7

Kaohsiung, Hualien, Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, Seoul.

Number of beds slept in: 8

Number of photos taken: 709


Number of buses taken: 1

Number of trains: 3

Number of flights: 3

Money spent:

Taiwan: £121.94 over 9 days = £13.55 a day

China: £360.90 over 17 days = £21.23 a day

South Korea: £119.53 over 6 days = £19.92 a day

Miscellaneous: £216.20 for flights

Total amount: £818.52

Number of times I had to pose for a photo with a Chinese person:

57 photos over two weeks. Not exaggerating.

Number of earthquakes survived: 1


The next month:

You’ll begin to notice that my future plans are becoming increasingly more vague with every passing month as I no longer become frightened of having an unfilled schedule. At the end of the month I’ll leave Seoul and head to Hong Kong. I have lots of friends living over there so it’ll be great to have a huge catch-up session.

After that, I’ll head for Vietnam and probably spend the rest of the month working my way down through the country.

Looking to follow along with my travels through my monthly summaries? You can read the previous month’s summary here, the next month’s summary here, or head on over to the monthly summary page to read from the very beginning!

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