Yesterday was one of the biggest days in my life as I graduated from University with a Masters degree in Physics. After spending the majority of my life in full-time education, I was both ecstatic and sad to have it all over and done with. It’s a really surreal feeling to know that I will probably never sit in another lecture for the rest of my life, but it also marks the opening of a new exciting chapter in my life.

Having never graduated from anything before in my life, this was a completely new (and pretty daunting) experience, and one that was a lot of fun. Can I do it all over again?

The ceremony was set in the university grounds, in the chapel in Founders building, which is one of the prettiest buildings I’ve ever seen.

Royal Holloway Founders building

Royal Holloway Founders building

There was a long wait to collect our gowns and hats so I sat with my parents enjoying their company and soaking up the atmosphere.

Royal Holloway Graduation

Waiting to collect my gown and hat.

I have to wait for the DVD to get any video footage of the graduation ceremony itself, but needless to say after an hour of queuing up, my feet were red raw and I was regretting deciding to wear heels for the event. After freaking myself out beforehand and convincing myself that it was absolutely certain that I would fall or pass out in front of everyone, I was very pleased to survive it without any major setbacks (apart from an extremely thick carpet which made my heels very unsteady!)


Royal Holloway Graduation

After graduating!

After graduating it was time to move to the drinks reception to take lots and lots of photos and mingle with friends and staff members.

All of the MSci students posing for photos.

All of the MSci physics students together


Royal Holloway Graduation

All physics graduates and staff together chucking our hats in the air!

Royal Holloway Graduation

With all the physics girls!

Royal Holloway Graduation

All my physics friends.

After lots of photos and goodbye hugs (with all my friends telling me not to die on my trip!) it was time to leave.

Royal Holloway Graduation

Saying goodbye to Royal Holloway

I enjoyed graduation a lot more than I expected to. Before the day I felt that it was a long, unnecessary hassle, but I had an amazing day and I can’t think of a better way to say goodbye to all my friends and my university.

Overall, it was such a bittersweet day, but now it’s on to the next adventure!

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