Yes, you heard right! After spending months browsing for cheap tickets online, I finally bit the bullet and decided to make this trip official. There’s no turning back now! I bought my plane ticket!

On the 17th July I will be landing in Dubrovnik, in Croatia.

Dubrovnik harbour

Why Croatia?

I knew I wanted to start my trip in Eastern Europe, and I’ve agonised for months over the starting city to choose. Croatia is somewhere that has appealed to me for a long time. It has beautiful Mediterranean beaches, historical Roman architecture, and 1185 islands! I knew I wanted to take a route through Europe that would lead me to Moscow so I could have a Trans-Siberian adventure, and after deciding the countries I would like to visit are Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, and Ukraine, it made perfect sense to have Croatia first on the list.

What do I Plan on Doing in Croatia?

I plan on spending around two to three weeks, but nothing will be finalised so I’ll be free to stay for much longer if I wish. I plan on getting around the country by bus, and occasionally train. By starting in the coastal city of Dubrovnik, I can slowly make my way up the coastline towards Split, where I will stay and relax for a few days.

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One of the must-see destinations on my itinerary is the Plitvice Lakes — probably the place I am most looking forward to visiting in Croatia.

No visit to Croatia would be complete without a stop in the town of Pula, famed for having the sixth largest surviving Roman amphitheatre, and I’ve discovered that the annual Pula Film Festival will be held when I plan on visiting!

In Pula, there is Brijuni National Park, a group of fourteen islands, where I plan on spending some time. On the islands, you can visit a safari park and over 200 dinosaur footprints have been spotted too!

The final stop on my Croatian adventure will be the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. From Croatia I will be moving onto Slovenia, and having even more adventures!

I can’t wait!

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