It’s that time again! In under four months time I’ll be waking up in Croatia on the very first day of my round the world trip. I’ve almost had this blog for that amount of time, so it’s a bit scary to think I only need to live that much more again.

To summarise this month: uneventful, disappointing, stressful. The past four weeks have been my final four weeks as a student. I’ve been spending every spare second working on my masters project and trying to get everything finished in time. I finished two days ago and I’ve only really just manage to catch up on sleep! Never Ending Footsteps has taken a backseat during this time, and so has my planning. Now I no longer have lectures, I plan on spending a couple of hours each day researching and planning. The rest of my time will be filled with hardcore revision

Onto my achievements for this month:

Selling Everything I Own

This took a backseat due to the insane amount of deadlines I had to meet. My budget has taken a bit of a hit because of this, and I haven’t been making as much as I would have liked. However, after the 25th March, I’ll only have revision to occupy my mind so can put a few hours a day towards selling.

State of the Budget

I’ll have a student loan payment in April that I’m going to put towards my savings, which should bump up my total, as well as a few other projects that should help me increase the numbers, too.

Backpack hunting

I spent the past month visiting backpack shops around London to get an idea of what I’d like to take with me. I haven’t been able to make a definitive decision yet, but I am toying with the idea of taking a 40l bag with me. The idea of traveling around the world with just hand luggage appeals to me, but I don’t know if it is a possibility.  I’ll be taking my Macbook Pro, my DSLR camera, and about three different lenses, so I’m worried that once I fit all that in I wont have room for much else.

Vaccination time

I started researching vaccinations this month, and I’m pleased to say I have it all sorted! I’ll be getting vaccinations for Hepatitis A and Typhoid, as these are free on the NHS. I’ll also be having Hepatitis B, Japanese B Encephalitis, and Rabies but these will be taken about a month before I leave, so I don’t have to freak myself out about them just yet. The only one I’m trying to figure out is the malaria tablets. The cheapest tablet you can take is called Doxycycline. A few years ago I used to be prone to sinus infections, and was always prescribed Doxycycline to treat them. I am concerned I may have built up some kind of immunity to them. I really don’t want to use the more expensive ones though! I’ll talk to my doctor over the next few weeks to see what he suggests.


I’ve spent a lot of time researching visas and I now have a list of all the places I will need visas for before entering the country. I also have a rough idea of where I’ll be and when, so I’ve been able to work out what visas I’d like to get before I leave. I will get my Russian, Mongolian, and Chinese visas before leaving, and possibly the Australian Working Holiday visa as that will be valid for one year after applying.

Adding more and more destinations!

I’ve decided that I now want to visit Taiwan, Macau, Bora Bora and possibly Easter Island, too! I love how every week or so another destination creeps onto my list, but none ever seem to get dropped from it!

Over the next four weeks…

My main priority at the moment is going to have to be revision, and I need to focus on that more than anything. However, I will have a lot more spare time that I didn’t have before so I am still hoping to get a fair amount done in the next few weeks.

  • I am going to buy my plane ticket; a one way ticket to Croatia, departing July 16th. I’ve been putting it off for so long, purely through fear, as the second I click purchase on that ticket, there really is no going back! I know that tickets will just get more and more expensive the longer I leave it so I really want to buy it now. I’m probably looking at spending about £80. I just need to decide which city I want to fly to first and then I’m good to go! Scary stuff.
  • I am going to buy my backpack. I spend so much time researching and looking into different bags that really, I just want to buy one now and get it over with! Once I know what size I have to work with, I can start working out what are essentials to pack, and what I can leave behind.
  • Insurance companies. I want to start looking into insurance and comparing companies to see which ones are going to work out best for long-term travel whilst remaining cost-effective too.
  • Get back into the swing of selling things online to add some more money to my savings. I really need to start doing this seriously as my room is still a complete mess and filled with so much stuff I just don’t need anymore. I want it all gone!
  • I also want to set some targets for my blog. I want to keep to a posting schedule over the next 4 weeks and really force myself to stick to it. I want to post 3 times a week, and I’m thinking of making these days Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

So that’s it for my 4 months to go summary! I hope that when I come to write the 3 months to go post that I will have been extremely proactive and will have managed to achieve lots and lots!


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